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                Datasets Packages

                Coking Coal Output by Province

                US$ 550.00

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                • 产品介绍


                Cooperation with authoritative organizations and statistics departments of China’s major coal producing provinces since 2010 gives us access to production data of main raw coal varieties on a monthly basis. Such data are then broken down by coal types of the Chinese classification standards based on data from our China Coal Mines Capacity and Production database. Data of this granularity is the first of its kind in China that are updated on a monthly basis.


                The data not only covers province-wise production of main raw coal varieties, but also breakdowns of these coal varieties in accordance with their industrial usages, hence helping industry participants to better analyze market supply-demand dynamics of the Chinese coal industry.


                Raw coal output by province

                Coking coal output by type

                Other bituminous coal output by type

                Anthracite output

                Lignite output

                  Products List

                1. China Coking Coal Output by Province

                ShanxiShandongGuizhouHenanAnhuiHeilongjiangIner MongoliaHebeiYunnanJiangsuSichuanXinjiangChongqingJiangxiJilinShaanxiLiaoningNingxiaQinghaiGansuHunanHubeiGuangxiBeijingZhejiangFujian

                Meagre leanLean coalPrimary cokingFat coal1/3 cokingGas fatGas coal